Who am I?

Adam O'MaraVery early in life I completed a carpentry apprenticeship, became a gunner in the Australian army reserves and traveled the world, experiencing different cultures and hostile environments. I came back to Australia, quickly climbing the building management ladder with several major commercial building companies, but was not satisfied with my direction. I felt I desperately needed new direction and needed to heal on many levels.

Through apparent coincidences I met a healer who transformed my being from the inside. This lead to my search to find out who I am and what purpose I play in this life. In 2004 I stumbled onto the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and this proved to be the beginning of a whole new life and journey. Before I knew it I was studying many forms of massage and ultimately entering into a Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture. 

Spare consultation room with my familyI graduated in 2010 and since then I have worked in two Chinese cities as an acupuncturist. I also spent much time involved in community acupuncture for the disadvantaged. I continued post=graduate studies and mentorships in Japanese acupuncture where I found diversification a key in one's development and approach to stubborn disease. After practising in Brisbane for two years I then moved to Rockhampton where I now reside and practice.


Consultation room