Mood disorders

Mood disorders are on the increase, and I believe that there are several reasons for this. One important reason is the toxicity within our environment, excessive drug intake (licit and illicit), and the foods we eat or are not eating. Mood disorders can really have a negative impact on our lives, but with Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a solution that can resolve the problem naturally.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, mood disorders generally stem from an organ imbalance, usually from the heart, liver or spleen. There are obvious signs and symptoms as to which organ would be the cause. For example if one is irritable, quick to anger, gets depressed, pain at the side of the ribs, headaches behind the eyes or at the sides of the head, irregular menstruation, than one would look towards the liver. But with Traditional Chinese Medicine nothing is clear-cut, and other organs can also be affected by liver stagnation.

I believe that with mood disorders a more gentle approach is needed, therefore very subtle needling is required. For the first fifteen minutes of the treatment I will rebalance the pulse, then I move to a more symptomatic treatment, usually with the burning of a herb called moxa. I also believe that massage is an import part of this treatment, and I will often finish with this. I will then administer herbs to continue working on the organ imbalance until the next treatment, or until the complaint is resolved.