Traditional Chinese medicine holds the view that insomnia is a derangement of Qi (energy) and blood, and the imbalance of yin and yang (JTCM, Vol 29, No 2, June 2009, p 96). Jingyue Quanshu’s complete works states that “Insomnia induced by anxiety, fatigue, fear, and restlessness are due to the insufficiency of kidney yin and blood”.  There are also at least eight patterns for insomnia according to Li Xuemei, and once the correct diagnosis is made, then a course of acupuncture and herbs can elevate the problem. (Li Xuemei, 1993, p 168).

There are excellent results in clinical observations too, such as Li ling-feng & Lu jian-hua work in 2004 where six acupuncture points were used over ten treatments with 98% success rate for insomnia (JTCM, Vol 30, March 2010, p 21).

To summarize, insomnia can generally be treated with three to ten treatments, the appropriate formula of herbal medicine, and lifestyle/dietary changes.