MassageI have studied and worked in massage extensively. I believe that many boundaries are overcome though massage and the client can become more open and relaxed through touch. There is a healing process that is superior when it comes to touch with the right intent.

I first studied remedial massage and worked with the Brisbane Lions football club for one season. I then discovered French aromatherapy and used this extensively in two nursing homes in Brisbane where I saw light touch and the power of olfactory therapy resolve depression, emotional frustration and muscle pain from being confined to a bed for long periods. During my acupuncture studies I also studied Chinese Tui Na massage. This has left me with a vast tool belt where I can manipulate deep tissue or the subtle energetics of the body.

I have seen the benefits of massage not only through sports injury and muscle trauma but with Multiple Sclerosis, high blood pressure, stress related disorders, insomnia, oedema, stroke rehabilitation, and as a powerful analgesic for muscle pain - just to name a few.

Massage in conjunction with acupuncture, can accelerate muscle repair tenfold. Initially I rebalance the body, then release tight muscles and strengthen weak ones using acupuncture. Finally, for the last thirty minutes, I will massage the body and remove any residual tightness. Acupuncture in conjunction with your osteopath, chiropractor or musculoskeletal therapist (i.e. Bowen) is also a powerful combination to resolve Musculoskeletal problems quickly.